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Be a Primary Sponsor; Fight (BDS) Boycott Divestment Sanctions NOW! Buy a Home Page Ad for Your Favorite Pro-Israel Entity. ONLY $120.00 Per Month. POI Producers, Vendors & Service Providers Register For 1 Free Year & Enter POI's Search Engine.

The Premiere War Machine Fighting (BDS) Boycott Divestment Sanctions

Shalom Rafael Haar here in Jerusalem, Israel, Since 2007 I have had the  privilege to call my home. In 1998 I Founded the home of The United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance. I am the progenitor of the concept of United Jerusalem. Temple Mount is in Israel's hands, never to be surrendered. I am also the founder of the brand new in 5784 (POI) fighting BDS through Buycott. More about POI below. Please subscribe to our free newsletter and tell all those that provide Product or Service of Israel to register free in POI's search engine.

BDS ​warfare is a creeping existential threat by the enemies of Israel. This evil is motivated by blatant anti-Semitism. BDS adherents advocate boycotting, without exception, Products of Israel. Globally it targets foreign investors and those seeking to invest throughout all sectors of Israel’s fledgling economy. BDS is overarching and extremely active.

Background: U.S. State Department… “ Doc. 83984 Federal Register / Vol. 85, No. 247 Wednesday, December 23, 2020 / Notices States that … “ goods produced in Area C as defined in the Oslo Accords and H2 as defined in the Hebron Protocol ‘must be marked to indicate their origin as “Israel” “Product of Israel” or “Made in Israel.”–> POI when deployed, will be the premiere promotion & marketing platform, dedicated to Israel’s prosperity & defeating the global anti-Israel BDS movement.

Very aggressive BDS activists have committed acts of violence and use religiously charged rhetoric. BDS utilizes threatening rhetoric and agent provocateurs, in particular on College campuses and in cultural institutions. The bottom line goal of BDS is to destroy Israel’s. Buy the Blue and White and Israel wins the fight on this front in the ongoing War against Israel’s existence.

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